Lead Corporate Advisor and Management Consultant for The Kingston Group, Chris has provided high level strategic advice to Global companies throughout his 13 years in the Financial Services Industry.

Chris worked Special Projects Manager for the Findex Group, the KKR backed Financial Services entity, and was involved with integration projects, acquisition and subsequent mergers of some the largest Financial Services firms in Australia.
Previous to this appointment, Chris returned from the UK (as detailed below) and successfully purchased, consolidated and merged a number of financial services firms, established one of Australia’s leading independent AFSL’s, and founded Australia’s first automated and low cost SMSF solution.

Chris commenced his career in the UK as a Private Client Advisor and Funds Manager. A specific focus regarding the sustainability planning for UK listed companies (and the opportunities these companies presented for growth), provided a skill set that is forward looking and assists companies to consider their complex 50-year growth plans in a 21st Century environment.

Chris has extensive, global connections with Institutional Banks, Top Tier Private Equity, Superannuation Funds, Funds Managers and some of the largest Family Offices across the world. With a diverse and unique skill set spanning Mergers,

Acquisitions, Capital Raising, Corporate Structure, Operational Efficiency, IT Systems and Architecture, and Financial Forecasting / Management for Corporate entities.

Chris is most effective working with CEO’s, Advisory Boards, Investors and Top Tier Advisory Firms to add value and act as a mutual investor with operational and execution capability.