Advisor and Broker Solutions

Kingston Capital Services offers clients in the financial services industry an expanded range of services and partnership solutions essential for success and growth. Its extensive portfolio of cutting-edge projects in this field, combined with experience of over 30 years, provides effective and outstanding outcomes for any partner, in any industry.

Key services in this area include:

  • Integrated Advice Models – Combining Finance, Financial Planning, Taxation, Law, Insurance and Real Estate.
  • Aggregation for Mortgage Broking and Finance professionals
  • AFSL for Financial Planners, Risk Advisers and Specialist Investment Advisors
  • Full Partnership Programs including co-investment with partners
  • Technology platforms including branded solutions
  • Strategic Marketing Programs including web solutions integrated with internal workflow systems

How we partner with you:

The facts suggest our partner’s greatest opportunity to add further value comes from taking advantage of the disruptive environment we exist in.

As successful financial firms expand into both asset and commercial finance from a sound base of residential lending, Kingston Capital Services evaluates the potential addition of complimentary divisions for your business as a crucial strategic step to client retention and satisfaction. Creating diversified revenue is critical for future proofing and improving your enterprise.

Providing a completely integrated service offering, we ensure our complimentary divisions are seen as a true extension of what your business can do for clients and never seen as an external referral.

In order to achieve this, we provide the following services to your business, along with the integration of our network partners outlined below.

  • Provision of leads & clients
  • Acquisition of databases
  • Marketing Initiatives – Online, offline, seminar, viral
  • Strategic Alignments
  • Call centre services – Appointment setting and lead creation
  • Referral and Reward programs
  • Full access to PLAN Australia’s Aggregation services
  • Addition of Asset and Commercial finance divisions to all existing firms
  • Access to group resources and broader group services
  • Accounting, Financial Planning, Insurance and Mortgage Broking alliances
  • Acquisition of trail books
  • Mergers
  • Building adjacent revenue streams with industry partners
  • Broker Recruitment
  • Admin Staff Recruitment
  • HR & Employment Contracts
  • Employee Benefits Programs
  • Compliance systems & reviews
  • Professional Development, Training and Higher Education
  • Legal advice (via group partners), contracts
  • Succession Planning
  • PI and Business Insurances
  • Systems and Process Engineering
  • Full IT implementation including paperless offices, CRM integration and task management
  • Business processing and outsourcing solutions
  • Workflow mapping
  • Internal training programs and operational manual creation
  • Financial structures and ownership models
  • Setting Financial Targets, Budgets and Financial Plans
  • Accounting systems including payroll, tax lodgements, management reporting
  • Capital raising including bank and private debt
  • Complete fiscal business management

Why Join Us?

Many finance professionals are faced with the decision of ‘what aggregator or dealer group’ to align with. Often, a brief assessment is undertaken and the decision to transition to a new provider is made. From this point on, execution and implementation is left to the business owner and is expected to be managed in addition of the demands of a client.

Kingston Capital Services has positioned its advisory style service alongside the professional firm AND the aggregation industry to provide real solutions for its partners, often at no increased cost. We combine service with implementation to achieve real results and every firm should utilise both service propositions to achieve greater success.